Democrats are happily watching from the sidelines as the Republican Party continues to be defined by two issues that turn off swing voters: Donald Trump and abortion.

The more Trump is in the news, the better for Democrats. President Biden’s job approval ratings are a less-than-robust 43%, and poll after poll shows a significant portion of the Democratic base interested in another standard bearer for 2024. Having Trump front and center is very helpful to the beleaguered Biden. No one animates and unifies the Democratic base — or turns off independent-leaning voters — like the former president. In a recent Marist survey, just 34% of independent voters wanted Trump to be president again, compared to 64% who said “no thanks.” Trump is not even trying to make the case that he will run a different campaign from his losing attempt in 2020. He is not looking for converts, he’s looking for the already committed. But that group is simply not big enough. For those who were exhausted by Trump but wary of another Biden term, Trump is not giving

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