This is the week of over-hyped events, starting with the “Super Tuesday” primaries followed up by the president’s State of the Union address to Congress on Thursday. But in a media world driven by the pressure of attracting eyeballs, ears, and clicks, overhyping stories often becomes a necessity. If the Federal Trade Commission regulated news stories, columns, and headlines, Tuesday would be referred to as “Not-So-Super Tuesday,” as the chances of either President Biden or former President Trump losing their nominations are about the same as Halley’s Comet passing the Earth twice tonight. Even with 15 of the 16 states having downballot primaries, there are relatively few that are even vaguely interesting.

In the world of speeches, few are more overrated than State of the Union addresses. They’re about as exciting as watching paint dry. Whoever happens to be president lists the proposals and priorities they would push if they were emperor for a day and able to enact policies without the trouble of having the permission of a pesky Congress or scrutiny of overzealous courts doing their legal nitpicking.

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