The late Israeli diplomat and statesman Israeli diplomat Abba Evan once said, "Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity." There are some Democrats today who might say this about their party as well.

Democrats are 250 days away from the November 3rd general election. They are facing a president with historically low job approval ratings, yet things look anything but clear.

President Trump is very unpopular

President Trump has had higher disapproval than approval ratings in 402 out of 404 major national polls since taking office. He is the only president in the modern polling, post-World War II period to never have a majority approval in their first three years in office.

Democrats are facing a president who, in the just-released Fox News Poll has just 42 percent saying that they would definitely or probably vote to re-elect President Trump. In comparison, 52 percent say that they would definitely or probably vote for someone else, a ten-point, negative re-elect.

Beyond President Trump's re-election vulnerabilities, there is further exposure for the GOP. The generic Congressional

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