Since 2022, in every state where access to abortion has been on the ballot, the pro-access side has succeeded. Given that impressive track record, and the fact that the issue has clearly mobilized Democratic voters and divided Republicans (candidates and voters alike), it’s understandable that Democrats want to see ballot initiatives enshrining abortion protections into law on the ballot in as many swing states as possible in 2024.

Media reports find that there are serious efforts underway to get abortion protections on the ballot in battleground states like Florida, Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Enshrining abortion rights into the state constitution will be on the ballot in the reliably blue states of Maryland and New York.

Arizona looks most likely to have an initiative on the ballot next fall. And, given that its elections have been decided by razor thin margins in recent years, even the smallest impact on turnout can have a profound impact on the final outcome.

For some, me included, this strategy harkens back to 2004 when Republicans, eager to motivate their conservative base, put anti-gay marriage

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