We may not know the results of this election, but we do know this: neither party will have 60 Senate seats. While it’s more likely that Republicans will have the majority in 2015, it will be a very narrow one. As such, there’s very little that can get passed without support from the other side of the aisle, a.k.a compromise.

Talk to any voter out there this year, and they’ll tell you two things: 1) they hate the negative ads, and 2) they want Congress to work together to get something done. Sadly, voters are not going to get either of their wishes fulfilled anytime in the near future.

First, not only do negative ads “work” (voters hate them, but they can also recall them more easily than any of the positive spots), but they’re also a symptom of the “zero-sum game” of our current political system.

Which brings us to point #2, compromise. Watch just a handful of ads this year and it’s hard to conclude that the candidates are interested in working together to solve problems. Instead, one

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