Democrats who were not already apprehensive about President Biden’s reelection prospects got there in a hurry last Thursday with the release of special prosecutor Robert Hur’s report on the matter of President Biden’s handling of classified documents after leaving the vice presidency. Many of those already anxious shifted into a state of apoplexy.

The Washington Post aptly described “emotions of Democrats across the country [that] ranged from fear to despondency.” An unnamed Democratic operative told them it was “about as hair on fire as you can imagine.” Maureen Dowd in The New York Times described the report as “a fire alarm blaring in the Capitol.”

Some Democrats took umbrage at Hur’s characterization of Biden’s memory, calling it inappropriate or even gratuitous. Hur’s words seemed to fit more into a Washington political-thriller novel than a report to the attorney general and Justice Department.

Other Democrats were more focused on the electoral impact of the report for the president’s already fragile political standing. Many acknowledged preexisting perceptions among voters that Father Time had taken a greater toll on Biden than on his

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