There have been a lot of twists and turns to this campaign, but two things have remained constant. One, whenever the focus is on one candidate it benefits the other one. This is the byproduct of a race that is about personality instead of policy. And, it’s also what happens when you have two of the most disliked candidates in modern American history face off against each other. When we are talking about taxes, tapes and tweets, the polls move in Hillary Clinton’s favor. When emails dominate the headlines, Clinton’s lead shrinks. The other constant has been the demographic divide. Trump has struggled to — and quite frankly was never interested in — building a broad coalition of voters. He didn’t just ignore the RNC’s 2013 GOP autopsy recommendations to appeal to communities of color, younger voters and women, he is actively running against them. He has doubled/tripled/quadrupled down on the theory that there are enough white, working class voters to get him over the finish line. For her part, Clinton has tried to assemble the Obama coalition of young

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