Democrats with a predisposition to nightmares or a history of insomnia might not want to spend too much time focusing on several new polls out over the last week.

While President Biden’s prospects for reelection do not seem as dismal as earlier this year before his March 7 State of the Union address, it remains a steep uphill and very narrow path. To say that Biden turned the corner with that speech is an overstatement and not supported by the data, but one could say that he stabilized himself. He might have regained a bit of lost ground.

Clearly, Biden’s biggest substantive drag is perception of his stewardship of the economy, particularly long-dormant inflation. The question is whether anything happening on former President Trump’s legal challenges or the abortion issue can undo the damage inflicted on the incumbent.

Monday’s New York Times/Siena College polls of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin found that Biden trailed Trump in five of the six swing states that he carried four years ago. On Friday, the University of Michigan released its closely watched

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