It would certainly be ironic if the House of Representatives, the only elected federal entity currently controlled by Republicans, winds up being the only thing standing between the GOP and unified control of the federal government.

Yet that appears to be an increasingly likely possibility of what may come next November. At this point, Democrats appear to have a better chance of taking control of the House than either holding the White House or keeping their majority in the Senate. Even more unusual: If Democrats take the House while losing the Senate, it would be the first election in U.S. history when the Senate and the House flip in opposite directions.

Most political handicappers and pros now say that the Senate, currently with Democrats holding 51 seats to 49 for the GOP, will go Republican. This was true even before Sen. Joe Manchin announced his retirement. Democrats are forced to defend their majority with what is probably the ugliest Senate map for any party in many years, trying to hold onto seats in Montana, Ohio, and Manchin’s West Virginia, each

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