Two new surveys of Latino voters out this week, one from the New York Times/Siena College and another from Equis, a progressive organization dedicated to research on Latino voters, highlight the promise and challenge that both parties have in winning over this fast-growing and politically powerful group of Americans in the upcoming midterms.

The New York Times/Siena poll was a national poll that featured an oversample of Latino voters. The Equis data was compiled from polling, digital testing, and focus groups over the last year in 10 key states.

For years, Republicans saw social issues, like abortion, faith and family, as the best way to appeal to Latino voters. But, in 2020, it was the economy more than anything else that drove Latino voters to support Donald Trump. As the Equis memo put it, "concerns about the Democrats' approach to the economy rattled some Latinos and allowed them to put aside other fears about Trump and Republicans in 2020. "

Today, economic concerns continue to be the more salient for these voters. In the New York Times/Siena

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