The waning days of any election cycle are always the hardest as there is little more left for the political world to do but speculate and traffic in gossip. Nearly every conversation begins with, “So I heard …”. This cycle has been no exception, but the final days have been unusually complicated. Last Friday brought the arrest of a man who sent 13 pipe bombs to Democrats officials and major donors as well as one news organization that has been critical of President Trump. This was followed on Saturday by the shooting motivated by anti-Semitism at a synagogue in Pittsburgh that resulted in 11 deaths and multiple injuries. President Trump is hardly suited to the role of Consoler in Chief and handled last week’s tragedies as he has handled other such events: he reads the talking points with little emotion and quickly moves on. But, Trump’s reaction, coupled the decision to proceed with a campaign rally in Illinois on Saturday night complete with the chants of “Fake News,” “CNN sucks,” and “Lock her up” seemed to shine an even brighter

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