So, here we are at President Trump’s first 100 day mark. As we’ve been reminded over and over again this week, Trump, when compared to presidents past, is the most unpopular at this stage of his presidency. Despite the president’s boasts of productivity and his own self-imposed 100-day deadlines, he’s got little to show for his first few months in Washington. But, as you may recall from 2016, the traditional metrics, rules, and standards all predicted Trump’s demise — multiple times. Spoiler alert: they were wrong. So why do we think this arbitrary “rule” is going to accurately predict his future success? Here’s a better way to look at Trump 100 days into his job. Most presidents start with a deep well of good will and support. Over the course of their first few months in office they gradually draw down on that reservoir to get stuff done. This president, of course, has a different challenge. Trump is starting at the bottom of the well and he’s got to find a way to fill it up. It’s always important to

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