The longest week in politics is the week before the election. It's a bit like being a kid in the week before Christmas, when you sized up the boxes and odd-shaped wrapped forms tucked under the tree and tried to imagine what was inside of them.

Like that kid, who bounds into the room on Christmas morning full of hope and expectations ("am I going to get that new bike?!"), politicos are also setting up their hopes, wishes and expectations. Will turnout be where each campaign needs it to be? Did early vote and registration predictions turn out to be predictive? And, were enough Democratic Senate candidates able to out-perform President Biden's low job approval ratings in their states to win?

When we finally do get to see what was in all of those packages next week, here are some of the things I'll be looking for:

Which was more important to voters, abortion or inflation?

For months, that question has been the frame through which many have viewed this midterm election. But, like most narratives, it does

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