In a campaign where the normal laws of political gravity often feel as if they don’t apply, it’s hard to know just how impactful the New York Times report of Donald Trump’s tax returns will play out over the next few weeks of this campaign. Despite Trump’s series of seemingly campaign-destroying statements, positions and behaviors, he remains very much “in” this contest with a narrow, but plausible path to victory. The fact that he’s outsourced his clothing operations overseas, flopped in Atlantic City and failed to pay many of his subcontractors, has not dissuaded his base of white working class voters - many of whom are the very people who have been adversely effected by these decisions - from supporting him. And, it’s not just white, working class men who continue to support Trump despite his high profile failures. In a story for the New York Times, reporter Trip Gabriel interviewed women voters in the Philadelphia suburbs soon after the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Trump had ended. One woman, Kim Gray, an office manager and self-described Trump supporter

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