While we are barely a quarter of the way through the 2021-2022 political cycle, Democrats and Republicans of both chambers already have their eyes locked on a November finish line nearly 18 months away. This year we have noticed an uptick in digital expenditures compared to years past as candidates have begun to take advantage of the ever-expanding campaign season and grassroots donations have become a more significant piece of fundraising. Compared to the same time period across the first half of 2019, we have seen a 167% increase in digital spending in the Senate and 168% growth in the House. This increase would likely be larger had Facebook and Google not banned political advertising from their platforms for the beginning of 2021.

From Jan. 10 through Jun. 27, we recorded $6.66M in digital spending in 2019, but we have seen an increase of nearly $5M to $11.21M across the same time period in 2021. We selected a Jan. 10th starting date to exclude any influence the Georgia Runoffs could have on our analysis. Like 2019-2020, Democratic candidates are leading

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