There is bad news ahead for Georgia residents who thought they would receive a respite from political TV ads following the conclusion of the runoffs in January. Despite the absence of any major elections in the state until 2022, Georgia has received more political advertising in the last month than any state except for New York. This advertising has centered around voting rights and the battle for the Senate. Multiple groups have run ads about both local voting legislation and S.1. We have also seen some of the earliest Senate advertising we have ever seen in a cycle, primarily associated with voting rights issues and targeting vulnerable Democrats.

Georgia Voting Laws

Georgia has seen the highest volume of voting-related ads of any state, with five different groups on air in the state messaging about the ability to vote. Democratic groups have characterized the legislation as opposing voting restrictions, while Republican groups defend it as a measure to protect election security. Groups opposing voting restrictions, Fair Fight Action and New Georgia Project, have spent $2.2M on ads, while groups supporting election

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