2021 is off to a quick start, outpacing Q1 2019 by 33%.

Despite lasting only five days into the quarter, combined spending in the Georgia Senate runoffs made up 45% of expenditures last quarter.

Gubernatorial elections in Virginia ($3M in Q1) and New Jersey ($.5M in Q1) started to pick up along with the New York City mayoral race ($2.5M in Q1). We expect these three races to drive Q2 expenditures.

House special elections have produced modest spending so far. The LA-02 race generated the most money with just over $1M in spending in Q1. In special elections this year, TX-06 and NM-01 are the seats worth watching as a source of spending. OH-11 is also shaping up to be a competitive primary on the Democratic side, so watch out for fundraising reports there ahead of the August 3rd primary.

Market Breakdown

Georgia contains six of the top ten television markets by 2021 Q1 expenditures, mostly due to the Senate runoffs in the beginning of January.

DC ranks second, primarily due to the large amount

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