It was a good night to be an incumbent senator or governor — even if former President Trump or a MAGA-inspired candidate was trying to beat you.

If Trump could have picked one candidate to lose in this year’s primaries, he likely would have chosen Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, whom he continues to hold a grudge against after Kemp refused to overturn the state’s 2020 results in Trump’s favor. Instead, Kemp shellacked Trump’s pick, former Sen. David Perdue, by more than 50 points in their primary. Just days ago, Perdue mocked a reporter for asking if he was losing by 30 points, as a Fox News poll had shown; it was even 20 points short. Perdue ran a lackluster race, to be sure, and had little message outside of “the 2020 election was stolen,” but the rejection of Trump’s endorsed candidates against incumbents — including in other downballot races — shows Georgia voters won’t be solely swayed by the former president’s opinions and are ready to move on from the last presidential election. There’s something to be said for

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