In the very busy month of May, the final primaries conclude next Tuesday, with voters in Alabama, Arkansas and Georgia heading to the polls.

For months, it seemed like the Georgia Republican gubernatorial primary would be the marquee matchup come May 24, given former President Trump’s deep antipathy toward incumbent Brian Kemp due to his refusal to overturn the 2020 presidential results in Trump’s favor. But Kemp is on pace to easily beat back a challenge from former Sen. David Perdue, and is likely to avoid a runoff too.

Instead, the real drama could come in neighboring Alabama, where there’s a three-way race for two spots in the open Senate runoff. And Gov. Kay Ivey is also battling several primary challengers as she tries to top 50 percent and stop the race from going into overtime.

Georgia Governor

We profiled the GOP primary for governor not too long ago, and not much has changed in the race since — but if anything has, it’s Kemp only getting stronger while Perdue drops. Despite having Trump’s endorsement, Perdue has

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