If politics were a superhero movie, Georgia would be Donald Trump’s arch-enemy. While the former president has found a way to bend other politicians and electorates to his will, the Peach State electorate and its GOP elected officials haven’t been as malleable.

Democrats control the U.S. Senate thanks in large part to Trump’s antics in the state in early 2021. Instead of keeping his focus on engaging the GOP base for the January run-offs, Trump depressed turnout with his relentless attacks on the GOP officials in charge of the election process.

Fast forward to 2022, and Trump-endorsed candidates for Governor and Secretary of State lose to those same GOP office-holders. On Capitol Hill yesterday, one of those officials, Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, testified in front of the January 6th committee. He, like many other GOP officials brought before the committee, disputed Trump’s claims of a ‘rigged’ election.

Last night, two Trump-endorsed House candidates, Jake Evans and Vernon Jones, lost GOP runoffs for safe Republican seats.

But, before we declare Georgia some sort of “Trump-free zone”, it’s important to

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