The special election between Republican former state Supreme Court Justice Roy and Democratic attorney Doug Jones is just five days away, and all signs point to a very close finish. And, regardless of which candidate wins, the outcome won’t be good for Senate Republicans.

The political community seems to be divided into three camps at this point, and these camps don’t necessarily break along party lines. The first camp is made up of those who can’t conceive any outcome other than a Moore victory in such a heavily Republican state, regardless of what has transpired in the race. The second camp believes that Moore probably wins, but it will be close. The third camp sees a path to victory for Jones and is cautiously optimistic that voters will see that keeping Moore out of the Senate is more important than Jones’ party affiliation.

This week, our friends at NBC News’ First Read made the point that Jones enjoys far more structural advantages going into the final days than Moore does, citing five specific areas in which Jones has far outperformed

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