After coming in first place in the Alabama GOP primary — but falling just short of winning a majority of the vote to avoid a runoff — Republican Katie Britt is poised to clinch the nomination next Tuesday and succeed her former boss, the retiring Sen. Richard Shelby.

Britt, who served as Shelby’s chief of staff before leading the Alabama Business Council, received almost 45% of the primary vote last month, while Rep. Mo Brooks got just over 29%. That math alone showed that Britt was the clear favorite heading into the June 21 runoff, but her position only solidified when former President Trump endorsed her last week — once again snubbing Brooks, who had been one of his most loyal lieutenants in the House, pushing his false claims of a stolen 2020 election.

Trump had initially backed Brooks in the primary — and derided Britt as simply a former Senate “assistant” in a sexist statement — but the Huntsville-area congressman’s lackluster campaign and likely loss began to grate on Trump. While the president framed his decision to un-endorse

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