With Democrats staring down one of their worst political environments in nearly a decade, there are always races initially appearing safe that become potentially vulnerable if there is a wave election. After their quartet of most vulnerable Democratic incumbents in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona and New Hampshire, Republicans are most hopeful about Colorado next, with Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet having never gotten a majority of the vote in previous elections. However, whether this stays a potential target or comes off the map completely depends entirely on who primary voters choose as their nominee on June 28.

As we last wrote in April, Republicans were worried that only election conspiracy theorist Ron Hanks would emerge from the ultraconservative GOP convention to face wealthy construction company owner Joe O’Dea, a first-time candidate who used his own money to petition onto the ballot. That’s exactly what happened – and now Democrats are trying to boost Hanks to ensure the weaker nominee will face Bennet.

The differences between the two men are clear, but the glaring one is on whether the 2020 election

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