It may feel like deja vu for Georgians with yet another Senate election going into overtime. But the December 6 rematch between Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and GOP nominee Herschel Walker now carries much less weight than the dual 2020 runoffs — which ultimately cemented Democratic control of the Senate.

This time around, Democrats are already guaranteed a majority of at least 50-50, but they're looking now to defend their last vulnerable incumbent and increase their majority by one seat — a herculean task they've already shown they can accomplish despite historic midterm trends working against them. We are keeping this race in our Toss Up column, and ultimately the first-round finishes by both candidates, with Warnock leading Walker by 37,674 votes, underscore how close this race will be.

That isn't to say the stakes aren't important for who wins. Hobbled at times by their tied majority for the past two years, a 51-49 majority would give Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer more flexibility in votes and no longer require a power-sharing agreement on committees. And Vice President

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