What politics giveth, it taketh away. Three weeks ago Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio's decision to run for re-election in Florida greatly improved the party's chances of holding the seat and improved the Senate landscape for the GOP overall. Today, the tables turned; this time in Indiana, as former Democratic U.S. Rep. Baron Hill, the party's nominee in the open seat, announced he was dropping out of the race. He will be replaced by former U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh. Bayh is an infinitely stronger general election candidate whose presence on the ballot puts the race in Toss Up from Likely Republican. Hill had been running a lackluster campaign. He has not had much of a presence on the campaign trail and only managed to build a war chest of $387,419 as of the April 13 pre-primary report. While Indiana is generally a red state, an open seat in a presidential year as unpredictable as this one was a more than reasonable target for Democrats, but Hill acted like a place holder. Ironically, he proved to be exactly that. Bayh, on

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