The formula for businessman Bernie Moreno to win next week’s Ohio Senate primary has been clear for months: hammer home his endorsement from former President Trump, which typically seals the deal with most GOP primary electorates.

But ahead of Tuesday’s vote, multiple sources tell us Moreno has yet to put the race away and that it’s a dead heat between Moreno and state Sen. Matt Dolan. With Secretary of State Frank LaRose fading due to lack of money and limited presence on the airwaves, this has now become a clear traditional MAGA vs. GOP establishment battle.

After NBC News’s Henry J. Gomez — a veteran Ohio reporter — wrote last week that Trump sources were telling him a visit from the 45th president was “highly unlikely,” late Monday Trumpworld reversed course, underscoring the urgency. Now Trump is coming in to rally for Moreno via his super PAC on Saturday. It’s quite possible that late push will be enough to get Moreno across the finish line, and several sources have told us that once undecided voters learn about Trump’s endorsement, Moreno’s

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