With this week's entrance of former hedge fund executive David McCormick into the Pennsylvania Senate race, a major puzzle piece in the Republicans' 2024 plan has finally been placed. After running in the 2022 Senate primary and falling short of the nomination by 950 votes, McCormick has been one of Republicans' most sought-after recruits.

Their persistence has paid off, especially when it comes to effectively clearing the primary field. Unlike the other potentially costly primary fights that loom elsewhere across the map (which we outlined extensively last week), Pennsylvania appears to be the lone state where the GOP may avoid a bruising intraparty contest.

While that fact does immediately set the general election in motion, taking on three-term Democratic incumbent Bob Casey Jr. will be no easy task. But there's also no denying this race will be close and competitive in one of the most important White House battleground states. Former President Donald Trump won the state by more than 44,000 votes in 2016, but President Joe Biden flipped it back to blue by just over 82,000

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