While we still do not have an official call on who has won the Senate majority — and may not into early next week — Democrats are in the better position with what is remaining, both in states not yet decided and ballots yet to count. At this point, we believe that Democrats will still hold the Senate majority, which may be decided even before the December 6 runoff in Georgia.

We are still awaiting final tabulations in Arizona and Nevada, but as we explain more in-depth below, we see Democrats as slight favorites right now in each. Republicans have to win two of the remaining trio of uncalled races, and losing both means there will be no even slim GOP majority. Thus, the Georgia runoff will decide if Democrats keep their majority at a 50-50 deadlock, along with Vice President Kamala Harris’s vote, or if they gain one seat.

The only other outstanding Senate race — which won’t affect Senate control one way or the other — is in Alaska. Incumbent GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski presently trails

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