In their quest to take back the Senate majority, Democratic strategists seem to believe that women candidates may well be the key to their success. In as many as eight races, it’s possible that the Democratic nominee will be a woman. Four of those races – Illinois, Nevada, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania – are among the half dozen or so contests that will determine which party holds the majority in 2018. That so many women are running does not appear to be a coincidence. The argument starts with the premise that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is likely to win the Democratic nod, becoming the first woman of either party to win a presidential nomination. This, of course, creates the opportunity for voters to elect the nation’s first woman president. The hope is that having Clinton at the top of the Democratic ticket will have the same kind of impact on turnout that having Barack Obama at the top of the ticket as the first African-American nominee did in 2008. Female Democratic Candidates

State Candidate Arizona Ann Kirkpatrick,

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