When it comes to statewide races next week, Super Tuesday may be more like a “Tepid Tuesday.” Our focus is on the California and Texas Senate primaries as well as North Carolina’s gubernatorial primary, and none of the three races have fundamentally changed since we last wrote about them. Here’s a reminder of what to watch in each race and how it fits into the larger 2024 picture.

California Senate

This is the marquee contest of the night — but it’s important to note that due to the state’s slow pace of counting mail-in ballots, we may not know the outcome for several days.

There’s little doubt Rep. Adam Schiff will punch one of the two tickets to the general in the jungle primary. Schiff’s national profile rose as he became the leading voice for former President Trump’s impeachment. He’s also played the inside game well, getting endorsements from 70% of the state’s congressional delegation, most notably from Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi and former Sen. Barbara Boxer.

The real drama is who will get that second slot — either Democratic Rep.

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