With control of the Senate on the line (again), each side is desperate for any advantage. One of the most important, of course, is money; namely, how well-funded are the incumbent senators up for re-election next year?

In 2022, Democratic incumbents' massive spending advantage over their GOP opponents in places like Nevada, Arizona, New Hampshire and Georgia, allowed them to burnish their images early in the cycle. Many Democratic strategists argue that the early messaging helped to insulate these freshmen senators from the onslaught of negative spending by outside groups later in the cycle. A big bank account this early in the cycle can also intimidate would-be opponents from taking up a challenge.

Meanwhile, a less-than-robust bank account can often signal imminent retirement.

Last week, fourth-quarter reports (covering the period from October to December) were filed with the FEC. Here are a few of our takeaways:

Fundraising for Democrats in key battleground states on par with successful 2022 candidates at this point in that cycle

Almost every state that had a Toss Up Senate contest in 2022

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