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Democratic U.S. Sen. Doug Jones won a special election in December of 2017, defeating former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, 50 percent to 48 percent, just 21,924 votes out of nearly 1.35 million cast. Moore was a fatally damaged nominee, who had a solid enough conservative base to defeat appointed GOP U.S. Sen. Luther Strange. Moore’s vulnerabilities aside, Jones ran a very skillful campaign that took advantage of the environment that special elections create. Now, Jones needs to seek a full term in a more typical presidential election environment in a state that Donald Trump carried by 28 points in 2016. Moore is considering running again, largely to clear his name from allegations of sexual misconduct made during the special election. The NRSC has made no secret that they don’t want Moore to run again and will oppose his efforts to win the nomination if he enters the race. GOP strategists argue that Moore has a solid base of 30 percent or so that could earn

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