Among Kay Ivey’s first acts in her new role as Governor was to overturn a decision by her predecessor Robert Bentley to hold the special election to finish the remainder of former Jeff Sessions’ term on November 8 of 2018 to coincide with state and federal elections. Ivey took the side of those who have argued that a special election must be held this year. As such, she set a primary for August 15, a run-off for September 26, and the general election for December 12. The winner of the special election would next face voters in 2020. It seems that the demand for a special election this year had less to do with the law than with discontent over Bentley’s appointment of former state Attorney General Luther Strange to the seat. There is a sizeable contingent of Republican officials who believe that Bentley gave Strange the appointment as pay back for asking the legislature to pause its efforts to impeach Bentley, citing his office’s investigation. This is now all a moot point as Bentley has resigned, but it seems

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