We’re still in the infancy stages of the battle for the Senate, with more than 18 months to go until the 2024 elections. But there have been some noteworthy developments over the past few weeks we wanted to put into context.

With books closed on the first fundraising quarter, more GOP candidates are starting to announce their intentions in a cycle where Democrats are almost entirely on defense, but primary battles still potentially loom. Democratic incumbents are readying their campaigns and banking cash. And there are other interesting maneuvers taking place. Here are a few things we’ve noticed.

Democrats get good incumbent news.

Both Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey and Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin announced last week they will run for reelection. Neither were really on the retirement watch list, but knowing senators in battleground states are all-in for another go is welcome music to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s ears. Casey and Baldwin have posted impressive numbers in battleground states in prior elections. In 2018 — just two years after President Trump became the first Republican presidential candidate

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