Super Tuesday's trio of Senate primaries produced mostly the results we predicted — Democrat Cal Cunningham is set to face off against North Carolina GOP Sen. Thom Tillis in a race pivotal to Senate control. In Alabama, former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now in the fight for his political life in a runoff. And Texas Democrats have another two months to go until they know their nominee is. We'll be watching these contests and primaries in the coming weeks — especially as Democrats are feeling better about their 2020 chances as it looks increasingly likely that it will be Biden leading the ticket. For now, here's a recap and one important race rating change after Tuesday's results.


This primary had a lot of drama at the end, with the Senate Leadership Fund admitting they were behind a mysterious super PAC that spent $2.5 million on ads designed to boost state Sen. Erica Smith and ding Cunningham for not being progressive enough. The calculation — which Democrats have also made in Republican primaries in the past —

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