The first fundraising reports of 2022 are now filed, giving us our first glimpse at how candidates are faring as primary season nears and the November general election grows closer.

Unsurprisingly, we saw some of the most endangered Democratic incumbents continue to bank massive amounts — Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock raised nearly $13.6 million, while Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly brought in over $11.3 million — which they’ll need as their party continues to face worsening headwinds. Other GOP recruits impressed, too: likely Georgia nominee Herschel Walker didn’t come close to Warnock’s massive haul, but his $5.4 million was tops among non-self-funded challengers.

In his first full quarter since deciding to run again, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson brought in nearly $6 million — a vast improvement for the most endangered GOP incumbent after lackluster fundraising in the off-year. Among Democratic challengers, Florida Rep. Val Demings continued her fundraising blitz with more than $10 million raised, outpacing Republican Sen. Marco Rubio’s $5.8 million; the two are now at near parity with cash on hand as well, though Demings will need

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