Candidate recruitment has been priority number one for the National Republican Senatorial Committee heading into 2024. Despite being blessed by an incredibly favorable map, they have tried to heed the lessons of last cycle when problematic, weak candidates cost them several winnable races.

Under the helm of chairman and Montana Sen. Steve Daines, the NRSC has taken a different approach than its predecessor in 2022, when much-maligned chair Rick Scott took a hands-off approach to recruiting and primary pressure.

As we take stock of where the national party stands with these efforts post-Labor Day of the off year, Republicans do have top recruits in nearly all eight targeted Democratic battleground seats. But they haven’t been able yet to clear the majority of primary fields.

Now, the test comes, as we approach primaries next spring, of whether or not their preferred candidate can emerge victorious or if they’ll be saddled with controversial nominees in a déjà vu moment from two years ago. It will be key to see how much pressure they exert — and money they put in,

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