The past few weeks have been a prime time for Senate candidate announcements — and some declinations. Coming just after the end of the first fundraising quarter, candidates will now have more than two months to post a strong total, hopefully asserting their prominence in the field and dissuading other challengers from entering.

On the Republican side, races are getting even more crowded, like in North Carolina. Democrats, meanwhile, landed strong recruits in their primaries in the Tar Heel State and Ohio Senate.

And some politicians are making clear their intentions that they won’t be running in 2022, as former GOP Rep. Doug Collins did this week in the Georgia Senate race, where Republicans are still waiting for a candidate in a field that’s so far frozen.

GOP primaries are beginning to get messy in places like Ohio while Democrats seem to be coalescing around one strong candidate in their party contests, which could leave them with more resources for the general election. Of course, in other races, like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, there are still crowded Democratic primaries in those

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