With no major developments on the 2024 presidential race this past week and nothing on the immediate horizon that is likely to have any real impact on the fight for control of the House, the battle for Senate control is dominating political news. Last Monday, Maryland Democrat Ben Cardin announced he would not seek a fourth Senate term, prompting some speculation about whether the state’s Republican former governor Larry Hogan might throw his hat in the ring. On Tuesday, Hogan indicated that he would not run, dashing GOP hopes of putting that seat in play.

Then on Wednesday, third-term Rep. Colin Allred announced that he would seek the Democratic Senate nomination in Texas, where Ted Cruz indicated in February that he would seek a third term.

The 40-year-old Allred’s candidacy made news and stirred up interest on two counts: 1.) He is a very interesting person, and 2.) Democrats desperately need to put at least one Republican Senate seat in play, having seven of their own seats up in states that Donald Trump carried at least once. The son of

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