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Amy Walter shares her top takeaways from Wednesday's GOP debate, including why the debate may not have helped any of the candidates on stage.

Transcript: [00:00:00] Here's my very quick take in the immediate aftermath of the debate. The first is that this debate we thought was going to be about Ron DeSantis with all of his opponents going after the second place candidate instead. It was Vivek Ramaswamy who got most of the attention and took most of the arrows and gave out some of his own punches as well. It felt very much like 2016 where the outsider candidate takes on the establishment. And the establishment is trying to also, uh, let the outsider know that they think he's out of his league. We'll see how Republican voters respond to that backend. And forth. Ron DeSantis didn't do, uh, himself any harm, and the fact that he didn't get any attacks, probably good for him, but also the

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