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Amy looks at the impact of open seats for Democrats. She categorizes open seats into two groups, seats that provide opportunity and seats that call for panic. She highlights the retirement of Senator Tom Carper in Delaware as an opportunity for Democrats. Carper endorsed Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester, who would have a straightforward path to becoming the only Black woman in the US Senate; currently, there are zero.


Amy Walter: [00:00:00] Hi there. Welcome to First Person. I'm Amy Walter. So, Democrats, as we know, have just a one seat majority and have to defend 23 seats in the upcoming 2024 election. So when they hear the term open seat, that can cause a little bit of panic. I wanna talk about two different kinds of open seats, though.

There are open seats that provide opportunity, especially for underrepresented groups like women or people of color. And then there are open seats that rightly cause panic for Democrats.

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