In a special edition from Charleston, S.C., Amy Walter dives into Nikki Haley's campaign announcement speech. Haley is the second Republican to enter the 2024 race, after Donald Trump.


[00:00:00] Hello from Charleston, South Carolina. I just got out of the Nikki Haley for President official kickoff rally event in the historic downtown Charleston. She now is the second official candidate in the race for president joining former President Donald Trump. A couple things that I picked up from being down here:

First, why now? And the, I think the best way to answer that is why not now? It's always best to get out as early as you possibly can, especially if you're a candidate who's not as well known as, say, I don't know, Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, or somebody who has a bigger national footprint.

There was a lot of press here, there were a lot of people here, so hosting it this early in the process, especially as [00:01:00] political reporters are getting anxious about covering a campaign, was, I think a

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