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This week, David Wasserman provides an analysis of the latest redistricting news in Louisiana.

To comply with a federal court order that mandated a second Black majority district, the new map guts Republican Rep. Garret Grave's 6th Congressional District and creates an opening for a Democratic seat in the Bayou State. David also put the Louisiana map in the context of the re-redistrict wars of 2024. The Democratic seat gained in Louisiana will only partially offset Republican gains from their North Carolina gerrymander.


David Wasserman: [00:00:00] Hi, this is David Wasserman, senior editor and elections analyst for the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter. And today we're going to update you on the situation in Louisiana, where Republicans just signed into law a new congressional map that throws one of their own, Congressman Garret Graves, under the bus, and creates a new Black-majority district.

Now, this was to comply with a federal court order that mandated a second

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