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With New York's redistricting complete, the final piece of the 2024 House map falls into place. David Wasserman explains what changes were made and what they mean for House control.

[00:00:00] Hey, this is David Wasserman, Senior Editor and Elections Analyst for the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter. And today we're going to dive into New York's new congressional map, where Democrats went mild, not wild, with their makeover of the lines. Now, this is the final puzzle piece in the re redistricting of 2024.

Last year, the Supreme Court, in a Voting Rights Act case, ruled in a way that paved the way for new Black majority districts in Alabama and Louisiana. Those are very likely to be picked up by Democrats. And so that was a gain of two for Democrats who need only a four seat gain to retake the majority this November.

But Republicans in North Carolina were able to gerrymander the boundaries there in

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