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This week, Jessica Taylor joins us from Fancy Farm, where she reports on the 2023 Kentucky gubernatorial election. Republicans want to nationalize the race that’s long eluded them, but Gov. Andy Beshear remains popular across the state.


Hi, I'm Jessica Taylor, I'm the Senate and governor's Editor here at The Cook Political Report, and I'm coming to you from Fancy Farm, Kentucky in Western Kentucky. That's where I spent the week, staged behind me here and they're now playing music, but it was quite hot a few hours ago for the political speeches, which is one of the biggest draws here, along with barbecue, plenty of barbecue. I've had the barbecue I rated as very good.

But the main race here everyone was watching is the governor's race, and that's where you have the Democratic and company Beshear running for reelection against Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron continue to rate this race as Lean Democrat, and a big

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