First Person is a series of quick videos from the Cook Political Report editors exclusively for our premium members. This week, Jessica Taylor details the 2024 Senate playing field and explains The Cook Political Report's decision to shift the Nevada Senate race rating.


Hi, I'm Jessica Taylor. I am the Senate and Governor's editor here at the Cook Political Report. And this week we had a really big shift in our Senate ratings. We moved, uh, Nevada Senate from our lean Democrat column into toss up. So this means that we now have four races in our toss up column. So Nevada joins.

Arizona, Montana, and Ohio. And our lean Democrat column, we have Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. We continue to see these seven races as the really pivotal deciders and who will control the Senate after the 2024 elections. Um, remember that with Joe Manchin retiring and we have that race all but certain to go to Republicans.

We now rate that. Democratic held race as a solid Republican. Um, this means that there's no room for

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