The National Republican Senatorial Committee landed its top pick in the Montana Senate race this week with the entrance of businessman Tim Sheehy. He is expected to be a formidable challenger to Sen. Jon Tester — that is, if he can make it through the primary.


Hi there. I'm Jessica Taylor. I'm the Senate and Governors editor here at the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter, and we've had quite a bit of Senate news this week with Republicans landing their top recruit in Montana to take on Democratic Senator Jon Tester.

His name is Tim Sheehy. He owns an aerospace firefighting company in Montana. He is an Afghanistan veteran, former Navy Seal, who was actually wounded in Afghanistan for that, he was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. He's independently wealthy, has the ability to self-fund. They really like this contrast of a veteran against Tester who also chairs the Veterans Affairs Committee in this Senate.

And they really feel like Tester has had a spade of weaker opponents,despite being in a state that

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