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Filmed the day after the New Hampshire primaries, Amy and Erin discussed a more significant topic: the race for House control. Erin challenged the conventional wisdom that the House would flip to Democrats. In a content of inches, every advantage makes a difference. One of those advantages is redistricting. Amy and Erin discussed the latest redistricting developments, specifically this week's new map in Louisiana.

Transcript:Amy Walter: Welcome to the Editor's Roundtable. I'm Amy Walter. I'm joined by my talented Cook Political Report team. In this series, available exclusively to our subscribers, we discuss the most important developments in key races, break down the latest polling and data, and alert you to emerging trends to watch.Think of it like this. Being able to sit in on our editorial meeting just without the commute. So pull up a chair, do whatever it is you do when you tune into your favorite podcast, and listen inAmy Walter: Hello, welcome to the

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