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Although Republicans got the short end of the stick from Arizona’s bipartisan redistricting commission in 2011 and most other states’ commissions in 2021, they made out quite well here last cycle. The new commission map, which passed unanimously but was later criticized by Democrats, made districts in Northern Arizona and suburban Tucson considerably redder, allowing Republicans to flip the delegation from 5D-4R to 6R-3D. But the new lines also made GOP Rep. David Schweikert’s Scottsdale district slightly bluer, and he barely held on. In 2024, Democrats will be targeting both Schweikert and Tucson GOP Rep. Juan Ciscomani, both of whose seats Biden carried narrowly in 2020.

AZ-01: David Schweikert (R) - Scottsdale and North PhoenixToss Up. Like a proverbial cat with nine lives, Schweikert keeps surviving in this evenly divided Scottsdale-based seat. In 2020, Schweikert was formally reprimanded by the House Ethics Committee and fined $50,000 for 11 different campaign finance violations, including misuse of official

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