This week, Massachusetts Democrats and Oklahoma Republicans passed maps ensuring partisan shutouts. But the big news was in Ohio, where Republicans passed a plan that could expand their dominance in the Buckeye State from 12-4 to 13-2. First, it will have to withstand a partisan gerrymandering lawsuit before the Ohio Supreme Court.


On November 22, GOP Gov. Charlie Baker signed into law a congressional plan drafted by Democratic legislators (who hold veto-proof majorities anyway) that likely locks in Democrats' 9D-0R shutout for another decade. And although there aren't major alterations from the current map, there are subtle changes that should help insulate Democratic Reps. Richard Neal (MA-01) and Jake Auchincloss (MA-04) from primaries on the left.

Under the new map, Rep. Jim McGovern's 2nd CD shifts west to take in a few liberal hill towns (Ashland, Conway, Williamsburg) in Western Massachusetts that Neal, the Ways and Means chairman, lost to progressive Alex Morse in his competitive 2020 primary (Neal won by 18 points overall). In turn, Neal's 1st CD extends southeast to take in more moderate, blue-collar towns that

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